New York Archival Society


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My Internship at the Department of Records and Information Services

My first assignment as an intern here was to read through files on the New York Archival Society from 1976 to 1987. Although one can be quick to assume that this meant I spent my first week flipping through what seemed to be endless paperwork, I surprisingly learned a lot. First, I learned what the Archival Society actually is and why it's so valuable to the citizens of NY. Once I finally began to understand what I was reading about, I started to get really into all of the interesting collections, exhibits, and tours that I discovered the Society has accomplished so far. Still, I found out that a lot of the time, significant parts of our history are wearing away in some box under a bridge or in someone's attic. With the help of the NYAS, pieces of NY history are being rediscovered. Whether these are police records, original city blueprints, or marriage certificates, I'm glad they're finally available to the public so that people like me, who started off barely knowing anything about their own city, can gain this knowledge. I'm excited to continue working here this summer and am already planning my return next year to comb through the microfilm and possibly discover some long lost relatives!